Sponsor a Student

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Invest in the Future

The sponsorship program is a direct and personal way to support a Minds Matter student in their journey to college. Each sponsor is matched with a particular student whom they can follow through their three years in the program.

Annual sponsorships of $5,000 pay for a student’s direct program costs, including books and supplies, summer program fees, travel, application fees and more. Most importantly, sponsors become one more resource in our students’ community of support.


Sponsors decide to join the Minds Matter community by sponsoring a student.

Student Match

Students are matched to sponsors.


Interaction between a sponsor and their student is arranged in a safe and supervised way.


Sponsors are invited to visit their student at one of Minds Matter’s Saturday sessions. If allowed, students can visit sponsor companies for a day.


To celebrate the year, students and sponsors come together for an end-of-year luncheon to facilitate growth in the relationship.

Are you ready to commit? Drop us a note to get started.