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I didn’t think much about what I would get out of the program when I signed up, but I’ve recently realized that I’ve learned so much over the last year and a half about leadership and how to be a better friend and advisor even outside of Minds Matter. So thank you for all you do.”


It takes 250+ volunteers to run the program successfully. We need your help!

Minds Matter could not exist without the dedication and commitment of our volunteers. Our students succeed thanks to our outstanding volunteers who share their time and talents as mentors, tutors, and operations people. It is not uncommon for mentor/student relationships to continue beyond the three-year program and into the students’ college and post-collegiate experiences. Our volunteers are a motivational powerhouse, always available to guide and encourage the students they mentor. All volunteers must be fully vaccinated.

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Ways to Get Involved

Become a mentor

Minds Matter mentors draw upon their own college experience to guide our students through choosing the right college and helping them navigate the application process. Our mentors act as role models for the students, providing them with individual support and encouragement.

Become a tutor

Tutors encourage and motivate our students to achieve academic goals. They serve as instructors in SAT test preparation, mathematics, writing, and critical thinking. We look for people who are passionate about sharing knowledge, are patient, and are adaptable to students’ needs and abilities.

Help us with operations

Our successful operation depends on volunteers who help with event planning, fundraising, marketing, organizing, and much more. In addition to the academic sessions, we also host field trips and events. All of these activities rely on volunteers to help plan and execute.

In Their Own Words


“Getting involved with Minds Matter has certainly been the most rewarding and gratifying experience since graduating college. Being able to share and use my personal academic background as a learning tool to help promising students like Marvin reach their full potential is beyond wholesome. I have genuinely enjoyed every moment of the journey and look forward to seeing Marvin – whom I view as a little brother – and the rest of his peers go on to make this world a better place.”

Alex and Amir

“Being able to mentor driven students and help them achieve their goal of attending college has been very fulfilling—and doing so with an organization laser-focused on making a difference has made volunteering even more rewarding!”

“I am inspired by Marcus’s hard work and dedication to his education and value the opportunity to, in some form, contribute to his success while building a life-long relationship.”

Amiyr and Alex

“My participation in Minds Matter gave me the opportunity to help a promising young man articulate his unique story of growing up a bi-racial male in South Los Angeles. Once he was able to articulate who he was, it was about helping him to find the right types of experiences– summer programs, after-school programs, tutoring– that would set him up to be able to tell his story to college admissions officers. I look forward to being a part of Brandon’s life for decades to come.”